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Justice System

Beginning in the early 1970s, our senior leaders have partnered with industry and government leaders guiding the implementation of more effective justice systems involving governance, information, leaders, organization structure, policies, processes, talent, and technology.

Recently, we have intensified our research in the following segments of justice systems:

  • school resource officers
  • police
  • attorneys
  • judicial
  • corrections
  • post-corrections

Our leaders are proud to have served the following clients - involving every segment of the justice system including police, prosecution and defense legal counsel, courts, corrections, and homeless community leaders:

  • Boston Mayor’s Office
  • Detroit Mayor’s Office
  • Hawaii State Police
  • Indiana Governor’s Office
  • Lincoln Hall
  • Michigan Governor’s Office
  • Montreal Police
  • New Haven Police
  • New York City Mayor’s Office
  • New York City Police
  • San Francisco Police
  • Supportive Housing Works

Practice Profile

McCreightPartners is committed to partnering with our clients to ensure their sustainable competitive superiority. Our Practice Profile offers a consolidated look at our firm's client-focused, outcome-driven practices. Our past engagements speak to the competencies of our global Alliance Partner network and Research & Operations Center (ROC) professionals, from education and healthcare to energy and national security. We focus on seven sectors of the economy.

McCreightPartners is a reflection of the clients we serve, our professionals, and the work we undertake.

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